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Top 5 Timeless Paint Color Choices for Your Home’s Exterior

If you’re planning to paint your home, you’d understand how challenging it is to pick the best color. We all have our favorite colors and want them painted on our home’s exterior. But sometimes, our favorite color doesn’t just seem to fit our houses correctly. Suppose you’re having trouble choosing the right color for your home. In that case, the exterior house painters of Southbury, CT, recommend you choose something timeless and classy that will make your home look good no matter what other color options you partner it with.

Below are what most exterior house painters in Southbury, CT, think are the timeless paint color options you can choose for your home.

1. Rustic Shades

Rustic shades have always been the go-to option for homeowners who want the look of a countryside home. These colors are timeless classics, and when appropriately painted by exterior house painters in Southbury, CT, they’ll never go out of style. For those who don’t know, rustic shades are all about earthly tones, such as brown, green, and red, to name a few. Painting these colors on your home means enjoying a house that evokes a warm and natural feel, something unique these days.

MODERN MONOCHROMATIC SCHEME​ | House Painters of Southbury

2. Modern Monochromatic Scheme

If you want a modern vibe for your home, exterior house painters in Southbury, CT, recommend you opt for a modern monochromatic scheme. This color palette has a contemporary feel, with the monochrome hue providing a clean and cohesive look for your home. This color scheme is simple yet highly attention-grabbing. Whether you own a traditional brick cottage or a single-family detached home, you can never go wrong with a modern monochromatic color scheme.

3. Pastel Colors

Do you prefer colors that elicit soft and calming effects? If so, then pastel colors are for you. These color options tend to project warmth, making your home feel more welcoming, as if a warm embrace is waiting for you when you open its doors. Pastel colors are low maintenance since you rarely need to repaint them. Some of the most common pastel colors these days are pink, blue, and yellow, to name a few. You can easily find these colors in online paint shops or hardware stores near you.

4. Neutral Colors

Do you want something slightly bolder than pastel colors that are guaranteed to always stay in style? If so, you should consider painting your home’s exterior with neutral colors. Exterior house painters in Southbury, CT, recommend this color scheme because they blend well with the surrounding and other neutral colors. They are also very low-maintenance, and much like pastel colors, you’ll rarely need to repaint them. When purchasing neutral house paint colors, consider picking various neutral colors so you can paint the different parts of your home’s exteriors with different hues.


5. Bright Colors

Choosing bright colors is arguably the best way to incorporate personality and style into your home. If you decide to go bold and paint your home with bright colors, you’re making a statement that you’re fun and not afraid to grab other people’s attention. This color scheme is ideal for houses situated in sunny areas since sunlight can prevent these colors from fading. However, keep in mind that, unlike pastel and neutral colors, bright colors such as lipstick red, navy blue, and pale orange require more maintenance. But you can guarantee they’ll make your home timeless and classy.

Let the Best Exterior House Painters in Southbury, CT, Help You

You’ll be surprised by how many options you’d have when choosing the right color for your home. The possibilities are endless! If you’re having trouble choosing the right color for your home, you can always rely on seasoned exterior house painters like us in Southbury, CT. At House Painters of Southbury, we are trained to help our customers choose the right color and paint it on their homes. Whether you need your interior living spaces painted or you want to freshen up your exterior surfaces, we’re the company for the job. Contact us today to get a free quote for your house painting project!