5 Painting Strategies To Make Small Kitchens Look Larger this 2023

The year 2023 has come, and you’ve finally decided to spruce up your kitchen. If you haven’t done interior house painting before, repainting your kitchen would be a giant leap, especially if the space is tiny. Fortunately, there are house painters in Southbury, CT, that can help you transform your small kitchen to look something more spacious. 

With some brushes and a can of paint, you can upgrade your kitchen in the most cost-effective way possible. Here are some tips from the House Painters of Southbury on making your small kitchen appear larger this 2023.

1. Paint the Walls a Lighter Color

Any space will look more spacious with the right color choice. You might be tempted to use dark colors on your kitchen, but many house painters in Southbury, CT, discourage it. Dark colors can make your kitchen look and feel stuffy, as if it’s much smaller than before. Instead, they recommend you opt for lighter color options. 

Here are some of the lighter color options house painters in Southbury, CT, recommend for kitchens:

  • Light blue
  • Lavender
  • Baby pink
  • Mint green
  • Yellow



Light paint colors can brighten your kitchen and make it appear as if it’s larger. Additionally, these colors project an illusion of distance, making your walls look farther than they are.

OPT FOR GLOSSY PAINT FINISHES | House Painters of Southbury

2. Opt for Glossy Paint Finishes

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. According to a survey, Americans use their kitchens for over 400 hours annually. Due to this frequency of use, many homeowners prefer a paint color pleasing to the eyes yet attractive enough when guests arrive. 

For this reason, house painters in Southbury, CT, recommend homeowners opt for glossy paint finishes. These paint options can make your kitchen appear brighter and more prominent. Glossy paint finishes tend to reflect more light than their counterparts, making them an ideal choice for homeowners who want the illusion of a smoother surface.

3. Paint the Ceiling White

A plain white ceiling is an age-old trick many house painters in Southbury, CT, use to make their client’s kitchens look more spacious. White paint can make any viewer feel like the ceiling is higher than usual, projecting the feeling of a more open and sizable kitchen. This paint color also has the same effects on cabinets and walls. 

4. Implement Vertical and Horizontal Stripes

Stripes can seemingly alter anyone’s perception of a space and make it look bigger. For example, vertical stripes tend to make ceilings appear taller, while horizontal stripes painted across the room can make your kitchen feel more expansive. Horizontal stripes that run from one side to side can also stretch the floor space of your small kitchen. Coincidentally, you can achieve the same effect if you paint your wooden or vinyl flooring or use a large striped rug on your floor.


5. Avoid Dark Colors — Unless It’s For the Cabinets

We’ve already stressed enough earlier that you should avoid using dark colors if you want to enlarge your small kitchen. Dark colors have the direct opposite effect to light colors. They absorb more light, making a room feel smaller than usual. 

Surprisingly, there’s one exception to this rule. House painters in Westport, CT, say you can use dark colors on your kitchen cabinetry to make your kitchen feel more expansive. Cabinets painted with dark colors project the illusion of depth, accentuating the other surfaces painted with light colors.

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